Systems Research Group (SRG)

I lead the Systems Research Group (SRG), which consists of twelve interdisciplinary faculty members, and a large cohort of Research Fellows and PhD students. Systems is the largest research area in the School of Computer Science, covering the broad areas of distributed systems, networked systems, sensor systems and data-intensive systems.

My research mission is to support the architecture and engineering of scalable systems that address current and future large-scale data challenges. I have the following current research interests:

  • Large-scale distributed systems
  • Cloud computing and big data infrastructure
  • Container orchestration frameworks
  • Cluster management
  • Cloud brokerage and benchmarking
  • Service Oriented Architectures: in particular Web service choreography languages
  • Semantic Web technologies: linked data

PhD Students


Research Fellows and Visitors

Research Grants

I am an Investigator (both PI and Co-I) on grants worth over £3 Million from a diverse range funding sources, including the EPSRC, European Research Council (ERC), Royal Society, Google, Royal Society of Edinburgh, Impact Acceleration Account (IAA), SICSA, Amazon and Microsoft.

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